Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love Note (A song)

Hey girl, i saw you on the cross road,
I tried to wave, but my heart wont stop beating,
If you only know how much i like you..
If only you know what i think of you.

(Chorus) 2x
You're eyes they are so wonderful.
Like the brightest star above, that lead me back home ohh BABY.
I tried many things to show you.
I Did many things to let you know,
that i just wanna treat you right.


I just had to be dishonest..
Left you a love note
Probably you would know it's all about you,
Leting you know just how wonderful you are TOO ME!!!!

Oh baby i just had to be dishonest
left you alone... din't mean to be this bad..
Look in my eyes if you could only see, JUST HOW AMAZING YOU ARE..
just hope you see you're REFLECTION.
The guy's around you keep pop up like bottles and trying, trying to get you're attention...
Just so you know I left you a LOVE NOTE.

Talking :Baby....i know we wont be togather so at the end of the page i wrote to you, that's my good bye's too you, if you find another man, I just have one Demand I hope he is not like me, I hope he greet you with his arms wide open, I LIKE YOU.

PS: thanks for giving me chance ^-^ glad that i met you.

You'rs Truly : ------

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